Common Daily Stand-Up Mistakes

#1 The stand-up meeting is not a status or recording meeting.

#2 The stand-up meeting is not for micromanagement.

#3 The stand-up meeting is not only for the ScrumMaster.

#4 The stand-up meeting is not a planning meeting.

#5 The stand-up meeting is not a technical discussion.

#6 The stand-up meeting should not be held far from the work location.

#7 The stand-up meeting must consist of the three questions; impediments, obstacles and risks.


Caleb, a programmer, wins a workplace lottery. The prize is a week with company founder and recluse, Nathan; who wants him to test his latest invention, an “artificial intelligence” he has called Ava.

Caleb arrives on Nathan’s estate to discover that he has the chance to conduct an ultimate Turing Test and decide whether a new “Artificial Intelligence” can pass for human.

Snippets of information and possible half truths will have you coming to all sorts of conclusions.

No plot giveaways here, just an appreciation of a damn good film with good visual effects. Very Kubrick without the visual perspectives.

Great acting by Domhnall Gleeson (Caleb), Oscar Isaac (Nathan) and Alicia Vikander (AVA)


Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson)
Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson)
Nathan (Oscar Isaac)
Nathan (Oscar Isaac)
AVA (Alicia Vikander)
AVA (Alicia Vikander)

The Colour Code


The iconic Blue Monday floppy disk sleeve. Not many people knew about the colour blocks down the right hand side and what it meant.

It was in fact it was an in-house code.

When Peter Saville, Factory Records in-house designer was asked why he came up with the code he said “the colour code was a way of juxtaposing the hieroglyphics of technology with historical classicism”, erm thanks !

In fact it is a very easy code to work with (even handier when you have the decoding wheel).


Only the two outer rings are used.
The alphabet starts with the double depth green at the top and works round clockwise. The numbers 1 to 9 also start at the doubled green.

Letters are colour arranged downwards, whilst the numbers are colour arranged upwards.

The Blue Monday track had the Factory records numbers of FAC73


Have fun decoding those record sleeves !

mini 5 door – 2 doors too many

Two doors too many

A little background on my history with the Mini. I have had Mini’s of all different flavours, from a little white re-bored 1275 to the new full blown BMW MINI John Cooper Works; 200+ BHP in a car that doesn’t realise that much power in a car that size, is just not right. But having seen the new MINI 5 Door hatchback recently, it seems that BMW have taken the styling a little too far and the mini has lost its mininess.

The mini was meant to be a small little run around car and when it was taken over by BMW the new styling wasn’t liked by many at first, but it had a huge following from the original mini owners; so with that alone it became an instant hit overnight.

I bought a new style mini in 2003 and have had one ever since. I had to start with a Cooper S, jump to a Cooper S with the additional John Cooper Works kit three years later, then the last two have been full blown Works minis (blown being the operative word on the first one as it blew up on me one cold night).


This year I have had the usual sales calls asking if I wanted to change my mini this year and I pushed back saying I would wait for the new Works Mini to arrive. Then the push to sell me the new 5 door Mini that was due to arrive started in earnest a few months ago. Having not seen one and doing the typical “i don’t like it because i haven’t seen it” head in the sand britishness, I actually saw one recently on a visit to my local dealership and those immortal words from Little Britain came into my head “I don’t like it”

It has the looks of a car that has been pushed out of a Playdoh mold too slowly and is too elongated and the proportions are all over the place

MINI % Door

The rear doors are just too small for an adult to get in to, which then leaves it to be classed as a family car, which it just isn’t, not with a boot (trunk) that size.

The last hatchback was the perfect size for what it is meant to be, a MINI and had a more sporty look.

MINI John Cooper Works
2009 MINI John Cooper Works



So where do I go from here?

Well, after much thought…

BMW 228i M Sport
BMW 228i M Sport



…and a few recent issues with my Mini.

BMW 228i M Sport

It’s still a nice two door car, a lot bigger than a Mini, but not quite the 3 series size, although apparently knocking on the door of the 3 series with performance and likes !

so 2015 for me should be a little bigger (in the car stakes).